Hot Spring

Hot Spring

Hot Spring

A footbath with a view of abundant seasonal flowers and trees in Shiki no Mori and Kinu River.

The landscape of the Kinu River and the Yagan Railway that runs over the river, which can be seen from here, offers the best location in the hotel.

You have two options for dining: in the banquet room or a private room.

Garden and foot bath

Shiki no Mori offers beautiful new green leaves in spring and a variety of colored leaves in autumn.

You can enjoy stunning green moss in late summer.

Feel free to use the footbath while enjoying the view of the Kinu River.

  • garden
  • footbath
  • garden

Banquet room and meeting room

Banquet room: Renovated in March 2015.

This is a dining area with an open feeling.

You can enjoy meals while looking at the outside view during the day.

  • banquet room
  • meeting room

Private dinning room(5 to 8 people)

This room has tatami mats,
and a sunken kotatsu (heater) is built into the floor.

A dining room that offers a mountain view.

  • private dinning room(5 to 8 people)

Private dinning room

Table and chairs.

Enjoy the taste of each private dining room.

  • private dinning room

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