Kashiwaya Original Kaiseki Meals

We serve Kaiseki meals using seasonal and local ingredients.

Our chefs cook the meals with the greatest care so that guests can enjoy them with their eyes as well as their taste buds.

  • Spring-Dinner

    Ingredients in spring: wild vegetables and spring-inspired colors.

  • Summer-Dinner

    Ingredients in summer: healthy portions with grilled salted sweetfish and summer vegetables.

  • Autumn-Dinner

    Ingredients in autumn: meals that satisfy you making full use of seasonal ingredients such as matsutake and other mushrooms.

  • Winter-Dinner

    Ingredients in winter: a selection of meals that warm you up, including Fugu chiri hot pot, a special winter meal, using Onsen Torafugu (Tiger Puffer fish raised in hot spring water) from Tochigi Prefecture.

Message from the head chef

Message from the head chef

Enjoy our seasonal food prepared with the skill of a master.

Each dish is prepared using carefully selected seasonal ingredients.

I am devoted to serving meals with a delicate sense of taste,

focusing on dishes that offer the season’s feelings.

Please take your time to enjoy the tasty delicacies of the season.


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